To put it briefly…

Rocket Brew is craft beer from Ukraine. Hops, malt, water, yeast and a little cosmic (space) magic

How it all started

We are confident that Rocket Brew, just like our Universe, formed as a result of the Big Bang. The bang of ideas and ingredients. By growing and improving, we will raise Ukrainian Brewing to the global scale. By gradually evolving, we will introduce you to the best invention of the human kind – beer, in all of its elements.

Principal position

We are pro quality, taste and enjoyment. Having the best ingredients, recipes and challenging ideas, we believe there is no sense in wasting our time on adding ‘ambiguous ingredients’ to our beer.

Rocket Brew beer brings joy!

Just imagine: a good company, a girl, Friday night, a bottle, no, two bottles of Rocket Brew beer. Sounds fun? That’s it! Another round and off you go to watch the shooting stars.

About space

Do you love space the way we love it? Every style of Rocket Brew beer is a story of a stellar phenomenon and space event. Solar eclipses, launch of Falcon Heavy, Perseids, stars…
And we also look forward to a visit of, at least, some aliens, so that we use this unique opportunity to treat them to Rocket Brew beer. We are convinced that they will love it and we won’t be ashamed.

Explore space together with us and our beer and welcome aboard Rocket Brew! Have a safe flight!